Oral Diagnosis

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Correct diagnosis is very important for the correct treatment of teeth, gums, related diseases or systemic diseases in the mouth. Oral diagnosis and radiology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases or other diseases that show symptoms in the mouth.

Dental films (dental radiographs) are the most effective method for diagnosis.

Dental Films (Dental Radiographs)

Dental films are generally divided into two groups; periapical radiography showing several teeth and panoramic radiography showing the entire teeth and jaw bones.

Periapical Radiography

If a suspicious situation is observed in the panoramic radiography, periapical radiography is taken for further examination. The closest view of the teeth to the exact size can be taken in this way. Imaging includes several adjacent teeth and surrounding bone tissue.

Panoramic Radiography
With panoramic radiography, all of the teeth, surrounding bone tissue, all of the jaw bones and embedded teeth are displayed. This image can be viewed on the computer screen at the same time. Measurement can be made on the image. Thanks to the panoramic radiography, now invisible caries, cysts, tumors and advanced periodontal diseases in the teeth and jaw can be detected. This imaging method is preferred for a small number of implant applications and extraction of impacted teeth.

Computed Tomography (CT)

It is a 3D imaging technique. It is preferred in the presence of many implants, large cysts or tumors where other imaging techniques are not sufficient. Provides accuracy in detailed diagnosis and measurement.

Is Dental Radiography Harmful?

With the advanced technology devices used today and taking the necessary protection measures, the exposure dose is very low and dental radiography is not harmful. Although it is not withdrawn unless necessary in pregnant women, it can be withdrawn safely when necessary. The dental x-ray has a radiation dose of 0.01 milli rad. In order to be harmful to the baby, this dose must exceed 5 rad, which can only be done by taking thousands of dental films.

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