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CAUSES AND PRECAUTIONS OF TOOTH DECAY When it comes to dental diseases and treatments, it is understood that dental caries, prevention and treatment of dental caries (conservative treatment). The most commonly used method in treatment is filling. TOOTH DECAYS Dental caries are diseases that appear in the form of stains on the hard layers of […]


FILLING TREATMENT IN DENTAL CARIES The treatment of dental caries is carried out by filling the decay with a special substance after it is cleaned. FILLING The most commonly used filling materials are amalgam (metallic), composite (white) and porcelain fillings. AMALGAM FILLINGS (METALLIC FILLING) Amalgam fillings, also known as metallic (silver) fillings, are durable fillings […]


GUM DISEASES AND DIABETES In addition to bacteria and tartar, diabetes is one of the important causes of gum disease. Diabetes, a systemic disease, causes damage to small blood vessels and prevents tissues from getting enough blood and nourishment. Thus, the risk of infection, including oral infections, increases in patients. Again, the decrease in saliva […]


Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with diseases and treatment of bone and gum tissues surrounding teeth.   What treatments does the periodontology department perform?   Periodontology department is a set of procedures that start with tartar cleaning, which is the initial treatment, and includes advanced periodontal treatments such as curettage, flap operations […]


Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the preservation of dental health, prevention of possible problems, treatment of emerging diseases and protection of teeth for the future during the emergence of milk teeth and then permanent teeth.   What are Pedodontics Procedures?   The Procedures of pedodontics are: Procedures preventing caries development Procedures […]


In dentistry, the domain that deals with the detection, prevention and correction of jaw, tooth and skull bone disorders, distortions, i.e. anomalies, is called orthodontics. Although it is generally known as the part where braces are attached, the treatment area is much wider. Orthognathic Surgery, performed in cooperation with surgeons, also plays an important role […]

Oral Diagnosis

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Correct diagnosis is very important for the correct treatment of teeth, gums, related diseases or systemic diseases in the mouth. Oral diagnosis and radiology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases or other diseases that show symptoms in the mouth. Dental films (dental […]

Bone Graft

Bone graft (jawbone powder) is the bone part used to fill the deficient part of the bone in case of bone loss. The main purpose here is to strengthen and / or repair the tissue. They are obtained from the person’s own bones, or from animals or synthetically made . The amount used around the […]

Smile Design

The concept of smile design is to provide a smile that best suits the person, that is, natural and suitable for facial expression. Smile design increases the social confidence of the person and provides a youthful look. The main point of smile design is interventions on teeth (such as malalignment, correction of height differences, implant […]

Filling & Conservative Dental Treatment

PURPOSE OF FILLING AND CONSERVATIVE DENTAL TREATMENT It is the cleaning of dental caries and filling the formed cavity with an artificial filling material. Tooth decay is currently defined as a disease that occurs in dental tissues due to more than one cause. Many systemic diseases also show important symptoms in the mouth. For example, […]