All On Four Implant

The All On Four technique is the name given to the technique in which prostheses are placed on four implants on the same day, In case there are no teeth in the mouth.

Who Can Undergo All On Four Techniques ?

The All On Four Technique can be performed to patients who have no teeth in their mouth and meet the following conditions;

* For those who does not have any systemic disease that may obstruct the operation

* Patients with sufficient bone volume (patients with sufficient jaw bone of height and width)

How All On Four Technique is Performed?

The procedure of All On Four Technique takes place in the following stages;

* Physical examination and radiological evaluation

* Extracting any tooth that needs to be removed

* Taking measurements for prosthesis

* Placing 4 implants (can be 6 depending on the situation)

* Temporary prosthetic placed on the implants within the same day.

* The implant is expected to be well stable in the jaw bone (in 3 months)

* Permanent prosthesis placement

After All On Four Technique

* Pain or swelling may occur for a day or two following the procedure, but this can be relieved with painkillers.

* While the temporary prosthesis is placed, attention should be paid to nutrition in line with the doctor’s recommendation, hard foods should be avoided.

* When the permanent prosthesis is placed, patient returns to normal nutrition

* Any fracture occurs in the prosthesis should not be neglected, and the dentist should be consulted immediately.

Advantages of the All On Four Technique

* Patients with no teeth in their mouth can have a prosthesis within a day.

* It is financially affordable because of the few numbers used of implants.

* Comfortable for patients who have difficulty using removable prosthesis.

* Complementing the procedure within 1 day increases patient comfort compared to other treatments.

* Gives an aesthetic smile for patients, thus increasing self-esteem as well.

* Since it does not cover the palate, the patient’s conformity and comfort is more increased.

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